Make Your Art Room Inspire Creativity

There’s something about having your own designated area to be creative. It’s a place you can come home to, unwind, and just make things. For the longest time I’ve lived in and out of small places, so I didn’t always have a room to do art. But I made sure to clear a space (even a corner!) to set my easel, pens, paper, and other tools.

One of my good friends recently messaged me on Facebook and said she was tired of her messy, unorganized creative space. She felt her space wasn’t inspiring creativity in any way. We chatted and tried to figure out what she could do to make her space look and feel more inspiring. Of course I mentioned cleaning, she mentioned organizing, but the last little bit to give it that extra “oooo,” and “ahhh,” was harder to place. “Usually,” we both agreed, “people hang inspiring things on the wall.” And that’s about where we ended the conversation.

A few days later, she sent me these photos:




She cleaned, organized, hung some of her work on the wall (to the left), then went out to find accent pieces. The bird decal around her window, the lamp, flowers, and candles were some of her personal touches.

My friend’s newly defined creative space has really inspired me to rethink mine! I know what I’m doing this weekend. Have you recently redefined your creative space? Maybe it’s time you take a look and try to change it up. You’ll be surprised how much it may inspire you.

Going to go make something now.

See you soon 🙂



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