How to Draw Flappy Bird in Pencil


Happy Sunday! So, it looks like I’m uploading on Sunday’s now. I get home too late on Fridays to upload videos. Ahem, but that’s ok. I’m still creating new content weekly, just on a new upload day. With that said, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter: or on Facebook: because I update daily on those. I DO have a tumblr and google+ page, but those are usually only updated on the days I upload. That may change in the near future, but not at this moment. :/

Once you connect with me on these social sites, you can share your drawings, paintings, and DIY creations with me and others in the Artist Rage community. You can use #ARartshow to tag and show off what you’ve done! Make sure to see what others are doing and inspire them to continue creating. Everyone here is of all skill levels and ages so lets be positive, help, and encourage each other to not stop making art! Art is an amazing outlet.

This week’s art video is another beginner drawing series and may be target more for kids, beginners, someone looking to make a Flappy Bird wall hanging for a bedroom / office space, or anyone who loves Flappy Bird.

If you want to see more intermediate or advance tutorials, make sure to give a shout out in the comments and tell me what YOU want to see me draw or what YOU want to learn to draw, paint or create!

If you don’t want to waste your time drawing the grid to do today’s tutorial, you can print out this grid I made, place it under your paper, and trace it. Number the grid so you know where each square should go to draw Flappy Bird.


Have fun and see you next week with a new art-like video!


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