How to Draw and Paint a Gemstone Jewel


Happy Friday! I have another step-by-step tutorialĀ out for you to draw and paint along with me. (This is not just a speed draw / speed paint video). There are tips at the bottom of the video that can help you draw and paint this pretty garnet or ruby jewel too.

I painted this in acrylic paint, so grab yours and lets do this art project together!

** Don’t be afraid to use your fingers with acrylic paint, especially when you’re working with the background. Using your fingers can help take the seriousness out of painting and make the experience more relaxing. šŸ™‚

Have fun and tweet a picture of your finished gemstone jewel @artistrage with the hashtag #ARartshow. With the hashtag, we can all see each other’s work!

See you next Friday with a new video,


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