Painting Champagne Glasses for New Years in Acrylic Paint


Hey there! I’m Pamela and I’m painting champagne glasses inspired by my recent New Years activities. I didn’t have a lot of time on my hands, so I decided to not paint in a realistic style, and instead leaned towards an abstracted feel. I used simple lines and colors to describe the objects I’m painting. What’s fascinating about this kind of style is our minds can fill in the gaps and still figure out what the image is. I enjoy thinking about color usage and the texture of the paint when creating in this style.

Like I said, I didn’t have a lot of time on my hands when I sat down to paint. Sometimes when we don’t have a lot of time it can also be hard to be inspired to even pull out the supplies. I honestly wasn’t “in the mood” when I first sat down to paint. But, once I got in the rhythm, about 5-10 minutes in, I was inspired and worked faster and more clearly. So, keep that in mind next time you’re thinking about painting. Just because you may not be “in the mood” or particularly inspired at that very second, doesn’t mean you won’t be the moment you start moving your brush across the canvas. You’ll become focused on where to put your brush and what colors you want to use… and ideas, or even emotions, may start popping in your head. 🙂

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