Art Buddy Charcoal Drawings: Simple Shapes and Fruit Study


A few months ago I finally started to dive into the crazy, and sometimes confusing, world of Reddit. If you’re not familiar with reddit, just know it can be a great place to talk to people who have similar interests as you, and it can also be a great place to get into trouble. Haha, I’ll just leave it at that.

Moving forward a bit, SO.. I found this subreddit called Art Buddy. Art Buddy is about finding someone who wants to work on similar artwork as you. Once you find someone, you can arrange the subject or medium and how long the two of you want to work together. Brilliant! This is PERFECT motivation for anyone having trouble producing work. As of late, I’ve been lucky I’ve even managed to make my weekly art videos. I haven’t been making much for myself. I have ideas, I CAN make the things, I just…get caught up in other daily ticket items. *cough, not lazy, cough*

Back to the story…ahh, yes, so I found someone looking for a charcoal artist. I immediately responded. I LOVE charcoal and haven’t done anything with charcoal in over a year. She messaged me, we picked a due date, and decided we’ll do 1 a week for the month of December (4 total drawings). I chose the first theme, which was a Simple Shapes and Fruit Study. While not interesting, I thought it was a simple warm up for charcoal drawing again. It’s been too long.

Here’s what I did in progression:






I didn’t finish the background before our due date. It was a good start though!


And here is what my Art Buddy sent to me for the same project!



Here’s what she said about her work:

“So, I underprepared and realized that I only had two pears in my house, haha. I decided to do a basic value drawing, but I think it turned out blah because of the lack of true composition. I started with laying down basic values with a paintbrush and powdered charcoal, then built layer by layer. I need to work on detail though… Haha.”

I think we both did great for our first charcoal. My Art Buddy did a fantastic value study! I’m looking forward to next week’s charcoal, which my Art Buddy has chosen Fur and Feathers as our theme. Oooo tough! I like it. Challenge accepted!!

~ Pamela


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