How to Draw a Christmas Tree 2 Different Ways


Happy Art Video Friday! Today, in the spirit of Christmas and the month of December, I’m showing you how you can draw a Christmas trees 2 different ways. Maybe you want to draw something for mom and dad or you’re a designer trying to figure out the perfect tree design for your project. Hopefully this will give you some inspiration on ways you can draw a Christmas tree for whatever reason you want to draw one. 🙂

Grab a pencil, paper, something to color with, and lets do this!

After watching the video, go to and VOTE for what Christmas thing you want me to draw next week! I’ll be drawing something Christmas related all the way to Santa Day.. so tell me what you want me to draw.

See you Monday with a gaming video and some updates on my website.. or, if you prefer, see you Friday with the next Christmas video.


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