Simple 5 Minute Drawing Warmup Routine


Hey There, Happy Art Video Friday! I thought it would be great to do a quick video over a simple five minute drawing warmup routine that you can do before you start illustrating your masterpiece. I know saying “warmup” and “routine” makes it sound like a chore, but I promise you that not only is the warmup simple, but you’ll start to see results from doing these simple exercises before you draw. It can increase your production time and it can help you brush up on skills you may not use in every drawing.

I wanted to note that I am filming this on my computer in Photoshop because my camera is no longer working. I will have a new camera soon, but in the meantime will be working primarily in Photoshop. You can do this warmup routine no matter the medium — drawing on paper or on the computer.. It doesn’t matter! Make the effort and warm-up those muscles!

Try this out, tell me how it goes, and let me know what you want to see next Friday.

~ Pamela
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