How to Win Arena with Bastet



Hey there! I wouldn’t normally highlight a game where my group and I just dominated another team, BUT I thought this game showed good overall teamwork and had a better explanation of what I was doing as Bastet. Hope you enjoy and if you want to play a game of smite, add me: Cupecake

Basic Playstyle of Bastet:

1. Wait for your teammates to initiate and stun, pull, root (etc) someone
2. Jump in with your #1 ability
3. Use your #2 (a bleed)
4. Use your #4 (releases your cats which chase after players/minions with bleeds first)
5. Either immediately hit your 1 to return to where you first jumped OR stay in and use your #3 to slow and possibly finish off a player.

Give this a try and see you!

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