How to Draw Minecraft Skeleton in Pencil and Marker





It’s Friday upload day! In case you haven’t caught on, every Friday is when I release new videos (typically around noon to 3pm eastern). So don’t forget to check back on my channel on Fridays  :). Today I’m drawing a requested video.. how to draw a Minecraft skeleton. This is for the many of you who asked for me to draw this. If you have any other drawing or painting requests (Minecraft related or not) leave it in the comments section. The drawing tutorial is pretty much, step by step. When it comes to the coloring part, have at least 3 different grey markers (or whatever you choose to color with). Start with the darkest grey and color in the squares you want the darkest grey, then move on to the medium grey and color whatever boxes you want medium grey, then lastly use your lightest grey on the remaining boxes. Simple! The only boxes you must have in the right place are the eyes, nose and mouth. Every other box can be colored whatever shade of grey you want.

Since it’s near Halloween, I’ll give you a little idea… if you make the square piece of paper big enough, you could use your final drawing as a mask! You can use a hole punch on either side of the piece of paper and then add string to tie around your head. 😉

Let me know what you want to see next week,


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