DIY Halloween Decorations Cheap Bat Garland and Spider


Happy Friday! Today I took a break from drawing and decided to spruce up my house with cute homemade Halloween decorations. Halloween decorations at the store can be so pricey, can’t they? That’s why I decided to make some of my very own! I made an adorable bat garland (bats hanging upside down on braided yarn) and a silly little pom pom spider with a witch’s hat. The video is short and to the point. I think the process to make these are pretty obvious and simple. If you happen to have any problems while recreating any of these projects, let me know and I’ll be happy to help. I hope this gives you some inspiration on cheap and easy Halloween decorations you can make for your room or home. Oh and, I hope you enjoyed the random cat footage ;-). If you’re a follower you should know by now I like cheesy and silly videos.

To make the bat garland you’ll need:

  1. black pom-poms
  2. 2 pipe cleaners per spider
  3. 2 googly eyes per spider
  4.  craft glue or hot glue
  5. black foam board paper

To make the spider you’ll need:

  1. any color pom-pom you want (I got orange)
  2. 4 pipe cleaners 
  3. 2 googly eyes
  4. a unique item to put on the spider (I found a mini witch hat)

Happy DIY!

Let me know what you want me to draw, paint or create next week,

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