Engaging Your Viewer as an Illustrator – Artist Inspiration Monday feat. Viria13

Happy Monday! Hope you had a fantastic weekend. Mine wound up being a lot of fun, full of smiles, and friends. Though, sadly, I didn’t create anything over the weekend, so I am happy it’s Monday and weekend distractions are gone. I can start creating again!

To get back into my weekly routine, I like to get inspired by other amazing creators and artists and it just so happens that I am going to share one of my favorite artists with you today! Today’s artist is a digital artist by the deviantart ID Viria.

Hogsmeade Time by Viria13 @ deviantart
Hogsmeade Time by Viria13 @ deviantart

I enjoy browsing Viria’s gallery because she has such a great job engaging her viewers. Not only do I enjoy the fandom subejcts she often draws (doctor who..harry potter.. etc), she just so happens to have a handle on drawing characterful expressions on her subjects and she incorporates a narrative to most of her work. Those two elements keep me engaged.

While the characters she draws are in some manga/anime style, they embody anything but the typical stiff demeanor manga and anime characters have. For anyone who’s drawn anime at a college art class, you may be all too familiar with the glares and looks. Anime and manga style isn’t considered high art or even “art” to a lot of professors. While I can’t be certain why, I can only assume it has something to do with the lifelessness, and quite frankly, blandness, a lot of the characters in the anime style have. But here, in Viria’s art, while her illustration is in an anime style, her forms move with expression. (Not to mention, she also has a fantastic handle on her own personal color palette. The color and light breathe it’s own life to the picture as well. But that’s for another discussion.)

Take a look at the picture above, Hogsmeade Time. The four characters are in the center of the composition, laughing, walking, and smiling along. When viewing it you may ask yourself what happened. Did someone tell a joke? Did they see something funny? Those are the kind of illustrations that really entice viewers. They keep the viewer engaged and ask questions. If you want to engage your viewer, try adding expression and narrative to your illustrations too.

I hope I inspired you this beautiful Monday to get out there, draw, and engage your viewers in the form of expressions and narratives.

<3 Pamela
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