How to Draw 3 Fall Fashion Outfits for Girls


Hey there! Today I wanted to draw cute outfits and I also wanted to draw something related to the upcoming fall season.. sooooo it was a no brainer. I decided to draw three fall fashion outfits for girls! I tried to draw three different types of girls and three different styles to suit different tastes. Which outfit is your favorite? I think number 3 is mine.

While this video isn’t completely step-by-step, I hope you try to draw three fall outfits on three different characters and tweet me a picture @artistrage to show me how it turned out. You can come up with your own outfits or try to copy mine.

Before I let you go, I would like to ask you what your favorite part of the creative drawing process is your favorite. Mine is currently inking. I used to HATE inking but now I love it because it cleans up my rough sketches. I enjoy coloring, but I could definitely use more practice. I rarely finished my sketches growing up and in college, so I am less talented in the coloring process. Oh well! Practice makes perfect, right? Let’s keep practicing!

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