How to Draw Black Angry Birds in Space

birdspace3 Hi there! I’m Pamela and today I’m going to show you how to draw the black angry bird in space. He is very easy and fun to draw! To follow along, you’re going to need:

  1. piece of paper
  2. pencil
  3. eraser
  4. a medium sized round object
  5. something to color your angry bird with (I’m using color pencils)

Once you have all of the supplies, watch my step-by-step video tutorial and draw along with me. If you have any special requests on what you would like to see me draw, paint or create, please leave the requests in the comments below. I would like to also apologize for the terrible lighting in many of my videos. I have been working very hard to afford and setup better lighting. I want to make high quality art tutorials, but it is going to take time. Thanks for your patience everyone. Please like, subscribe, and share your favorite art tutorials…and I’ll see you next week!



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