How to Prime a Canvas


This week is another instructional video.

If you made your own canvas, you’ll need to prime it afterwards. In this video, I show you step-by-step how to prime your canvas.

To prime your canvas, you’ll need:

Your Homemade Canvas

  • A Gesso Brush (or sponge brush)
Princeton Gesso Brush Princeton Gesso BrushPrinceton’s gesso brush is hand crafted in the USA, and features natural flagged end bristle hair. It is economically priced, but is high quality with minimum hair loss. The burgundy lacquered handle is well balanced for extended working time. The gesso brush is excellent for priming canvas, varnishing, or large scale paintings.

  • Sandpaper
3M Production Sandpaper 3M Production SandpaperFrom extra fine to extra coarse, in packages of 10 or 100 sheets, or package of assorted sheets. 9 x 11″.

  • Palette Paper (or a paper plate)
Canson Disposable Palette Canson Disposable PaletteThis specially treated heavy white paper is suitable for use with oils or acrylics. Tear off one sheet at a time and throw away the mess. The Canson Disposable Palette contains 40 sheets and has a rigid-back pad.

  • A Hairdryer (if you want to speed up the drying process)
    (Check around your house for one or a local store)


I hope you find the tutorial useful. I’ll see you next Monday with a new art video!


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