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Artist Rage July Inspiration
“Where do you create?”


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Hey there! 

This month is a SUPER busy month for me. My husband and I are moving into a new home, I have tenative plans to visit some old friends, and I am consumed with art projects and upcoming commissions. All while this is going on, I can’t stop myself from dreaming and planning how I want our new home office to be organized and to look. A good workspace is very important, especially for those of us who are creative. We artists and creatives usually have art supplies for every occasion: color pencils of all kinds, tons of drawing pencils, an inking pen from almost every brand, different types of paint, markers, and we didn’t even go into all of the sketchbooks and paper…. Oh wait, is this just me? 😉

I have so many supplies and I have to plan carefully how I want to store them and how I want to interact with them in my new living space.

How am I supposed to figure out how to organize my new office space? Of course, I’ve turned to Pintrest for inspiration. I know I like something like this where there is a lot of workable surface and closed drawers:


And I know I don’t like offices like this where there are exposed bookcases. (It makes me stressed out to see junk.):


This is my current art space (with most of our packed boxes):


This month, Let’s all focus on organizing the best workable creative spaces!

Show me where you create and how you organize your supplies.
Tweet me a picture @ArtistRage #ArtistRageSpace And lets inspire one another.

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