How to Draw a Wine Bottle in Charcoal Pencil


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This week I am drawing a wine bottle. My main focus in the drawing is capturing the darkest darks in the still life, the lightest lights, and all of the in between values.I know still life drawings can be very boring. I always found them boring when I was a kid and even as a college student, but I later realized that this skill can be very beneficial because value helps bring life into our drawings and paintings. If you can render simple shapes (like a bottle or glass) with rich values, then you can take what you’ve learned and add rich values to a form that is more complicated (like a person).

While this isn’t the most exciting of drawings, if you’re serious about drawing, give this a try. It may turn our horrible the first several trys, or it may turn out WAY better than mine.. who cares! Just go for it and enjoy the process. For the record my wine bottle at the end of the video isn’t a 100% fleshed out charcoal drawing. I wanted to keep this simple, less intimidating, and hope you’ll give this a try too.

If you want to follow along, you can save this picture for reference and use it.


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