Lets Draw Ahsoka from Star Wars Clone Wars


Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Today I decided to do a quick, silly little drawing of Ahsoka from the Star Wars Clone Wars series. I just finished watching the entire series. I can not believe I missed this show while it was on air. I am a big Star Wars fan and was really please with how the Clone Wars cartoon series handled the story line between Episodes II and III.

Anyhoo.. enough of me geeking out about Star Wars. You are here to watch me complete my drawing! I do hope you enjoy. Fun simple drawings like this are always relaxing to me. I would not call this a completed art piece. There is plenty to improve upon such as more detailed penciling, more thick and thin lines with the inking process, building up smoother and richer color pencil hues, and filling in a nice background instead of leaving it white. But as a simple study on line art, inking and basic color penciling practices, this is a good piece if I may say so :-).

You should definitely try drawing your favorite character too! Don’t worry about it being a masterpiece. Just do it to have fun.

Show me how your finished character art turns out on my twitter @artistrage.

See you next week,

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