How to Draw a Minion from Despicable Me in Pencil


Hi there, I’m back!

I’ve been living quite a busy life lately, so I haven’t been able to make new videos. Don’t worry. I’m making it up to you this week by making two videos. In today’s video I am drawing a¬†character you have been highly requesting… a minion from despicable me! Aren’t they cute? I broke down this drawing step-by-step. Minions are super easy to draw. Don’t worry if your circles and lines aren’t perfect, if your eraser smears your pencil a little, if everything isn’t even. You know why? Because minions are anything but perfect..and that’s why we love them so much. <3

To draw a minion along with me you will need a:

  1. piece of paper
  2. pencil
  3. eraser
  4. medium size circular object
  5. smaller size circular object
  6. Something to color your minion with

If you want to make your own cute minion and not copy my minion, you can change your minion’s hair, shoes, or pocket label on it’s clothes. Did you give your minion a name? What did you name it?

Keep drawing with me and have a great week,

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