How to Train Your Dragon Toothless Speed Drawing


Heeeey! Sorry for such a late video this week. I usually upload my videos at the beginning of the week. This week, I got distracted by another art project that kept beckoning me to work on it, so the art tutorial video sat and waited for me to upload it. Sorry :-(. Before I talk about the video, I also wanted to mention that I am sorry the quality is not the best. I strive to make high quality painting and drawing videos, but I seem to have a lot of trouble with lighting in my new apartment. Just so you know, I am trying to figure out how I can have better lighting in my future art tutorials and videos so you will no longer see weird shadows, darkness, or fuzziness. As we all learn from the act of doing, I am learning and will continue to try new lighting setups until I get it just right!

With all that blah, blah said.. I hope you have all been drawing, painting and creating new things this week! I’ve had many projects I’ve been working on this week, but I took a break to do this quick and cute little drawing of Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon. In this video, you can watch me draw Toothless and I hope you will try to draw him too. This was a request, so for those who asked for it, I hope you enjoy!

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