How to Draw a Cupid Valentines Day Heart


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Hi Everyone!

This week I am doing a silly, fun, and simple tutorial for someone who requested me to draw a heart. Well, Valentine’s Day is this Friday, so why not! Here is a cute and simple tutorial on how to draw a cupid heart that you can give to someone as a Valentine!

Remember, this doesn’t have to be perfect. Have fun with it and enjoy the process. This is a great arts and craft project for those who are learning how to draw or for those working with younger kids on Valentine’s Day crafts. Make sure you have permission to use scissors. ;0)

Supply List

1. Paper

2. Pencil

3. Eraser

4. Scissors

5. Markers, Crayons, or Color Pencils

6. Glue (optional)

7. Glitter (optional)

8. Hole Punch (optional)


1. Don’t fret if your heart isn’t even. If you ARE upset and want an even heart, pull out your ruler.

2. If you are looking for a more simplistic heart, you don’t have to add the “lace” around the heart.

3. Make the arrow very thick if you are going to cut out your heart. It’ll make cutting easier.

Have fun and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Next week, per request, I’ll have another Minecraft art tutorial.

See you,



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