How to Paint a Creeper from Minecraft

minecraft creeper painting


Hi everyone! Sorry for my two week disappearance. I became very sick, and could barely talk. If you keep up with me on my Tumblr, Google+, Facebook, or Twitter pages, you would know that I wasn’t going to have videos up those weeks due to illness. If you follow me on any of those pages, you’ll also get other updates that I don’t post in videos.

With that said, let us paint our mini Minecraft Creeper! Remember, if you don’t want to make him, you can buy him on my etsy store.

Here is the supply list for today’s art tutorial:

3×3 mini canvas
a round small paintbursh
a palette (paper plate works fine)
a pencil
a ruler
hooker’s green acrylic color
sap green acrylic color
white acrylic color
payne’s grey (or black) acrylic color

Once you have these supplies, watch the video and learn how to make your own mini Minecraft Creeper. You can buy a mini easel to sit him on your desk, or you can make a collection and hang them on your wall. Your choice!

See you next week with a new tutorial…’s more Minecraft!

Don’t forget to let me know how your mini Creeper turned out.


Music Credits: Pamgaea by Kevin Macleod

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