How to Draw My Little Pony Twilight Sparkle in Pencil

Happy Friday Everyone! I am very sorry I disappeared for a week. I became very sick. I am actually still getting over a very bad cold, but I finally made a new video! I am not as high energy as I usually am, but I had such a great time drawing Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony. I tried breaking the drawing down as simply as possible. You will notice that even though I break the drawing down simply, I still erase and back track on the drawing. I left those parts in because it is something we all do as illustrators and artists. We make mistakes, we erase, and we try, try again!

So don’t give up while drawing Twilight Sparkle. If you make a mistake, just erase and try again! Plus the best part is hanging it up somewhere to admire at the end, isn’t it? Make sure to hang your drawing somewhere in your living space after you finish it. It can inspire you to draw more. :0)

Here are the supplies you will need to draw Twilight Sparkle:

A pencil
A piece of paper
An eraser
A medium size circular object
Coloring Pencils

Have fun! Don’t forget to share your end results with me in the comments or on twitter.

See you next week,

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