ROAD TRIP! And why I’ve been missing!



I have exciting news.. I’ve moved! I had a fantastic road trip across America to my new home. If you ever plan to move across the country like I have, consider driving there instead of flying. The middle of America feels untouched and is breathtaking. I took a lot of pictures along the way and couldn’t stop “Oooo” ing and “Ahhh” ing. The entire drive was inspirational and quite emotional. For the next few months, I think that drive will be inspiring my art.


Of course, with a big move like this, it meant I had to pear down my art supplies and room. I can’t tell you how freeing it was. I have a bad habit of buying the same supplies over and over because I didn’t take the time to organize my supplies. This time around, I’m given a fresh start in my new home and will create a lovely studio environment to create!

Keep Creating,



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