How to Draw the Red Angry Bird in Angry Birds


Learn how to draw the Angry Birds… and not get angry about it! Grab your pencil, eraser, and markers (or color pencils, watercolor, or crayons!) Lets draw and color the Angry Birds characters together! Next Angry Bird video comes out Next Monday.

You will need:

a pencil
an eraser
a cup
a piece of paper
something to color with! I used markers.

We first draw the round body for the angry spanky bird. Then we draw the eyes a little below the center of the circle. Next, is the beak below the eyes, then the V shaped eyebrow above the eyeballs. The last bits to draw are the funky hair-do on the angry bird’s head, his little tail, and his stomach. If you want color him outline him with black ink then color him in! That’s’re done with your drawing!

I think it would be really cute to cut him out and use him for something…maybe hang him, or use him apart of party favors. Maybe you could laminate him put him on a round tile, add some felt at the bottom, and have him as a coaster!

Get creative and have fun!


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