Weekly Art Challenge: Facial Expressions: Finished

Happy Monday!

Soo, I know the site is a little lonely since I’ve only been updating on Mondays with my Weekly Art Challenges, but I do have plans for the site. Until I can suddenly escape late nights or early mornings from work, I’m stuck with only being able to accomplish these weekly challenges. Strangely enough, it’s hard enough for me to do them. It’s not that I don’t want to do draw (obviously!), it’s that I’m so damn mentally exhausted. This is supposed to be my escape. It’s hard to start these challenges, but once I finally sit down and get going, I go to my happy place. Sometimes getting to this happy place takes about 20-30 minutes of art time.. but once I’m there.. oh yeah, I’m so happy I made the effort.

With last week’s challenge, I was excited to get going then ran out of steam by the 3rd line, but I pushed myself to keep going even if it meant the drawings weren’t so spectacular. I’m still glad I did it 😀


Yah, definitely needs a lot of work, but it was fun. Practice make perfect!

 (I’m trying really hard to finish a new painting tutorial video. Several of you really liked the palette knife painting. I have another one for you to do. Your submissions of art keep me encouraged! Thank you.)

Join me this week for the new challenge!

See you,



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