Weekly Art Challenge: Facial Expressions

Soooo, this week is a real challenge for me! After doing last weeks challenge, I realized how out of practice I am with facial expressions. It doesn’t matter if I’m drawing is in “anime” or “comic” style. Those characters need some EMOTION! (See what I did there? Cap Lock is the internet’s way of being emotive. Okay, I’ll stop trying to be funny. It’s not working.)

I found this awesome print out called “30 Essential Expressions Challenge” on Deviant Art. Instead of making my own, I’m taking this printout and completing it for this weeks challenge. I’ll be drawing facial expressions for a character in my comic. You don’t have to limit yourself to cartoons or comics. Draw the facial expressions of a friend, family┬ámember, or even yourself. You’ll most likely catch me sitting in front of a mirror for this challenge, even though I won’t be literally drawing myself.

There! Hopefully a printout makes this Weekly Challenge less daunting than last week’s “completed masterpiece.”

Come draw with me. ­čÖé

Submit your finished piece by next Monday, January21st,  to admin @ artistrage.com

See you soon,



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