Weekly Art Challenge: Pen Drawing

Can you believe it? A NEW Weekly Art Challenge! That’s right, I’m back for the new year and boy do I have plans in action for the website. But first, we need to get back in the rhythm of things. Lets start off with a Weekly Art Challenge.

This week, we’ll have to produce one pen drawing. What kind of pen you choose is up to you. You can use the cheap ballpoint at your office desk or the fancy ink pen you were given for your birthday. The subject matter is also up to you. I will probably do a figurative drawing, because it’s my favorite thing to draw. This week, definitely pick a subject you enjoy. If you like landscapes, draw a landscape! (maybe your front porch or favorite running trail). If you like figurative, try drawing a family member or friend. You can even draw your very own story character (but don’t forget to use references for your proportions and poses!).

While doing the pen drawing, try to incorporate basic pen and ink techniques. This includes: Hatching, Cross Hatching, Stippling, and any other technique you can educate yourself about.

Post your Weekly Art Challenge picture on my website at ArtistRage.com, or email it to admin@artistrage.com.

The DUE DATE for this Challenge is Monday January 7th. That Monday, I’ll post the next Weekly Art Challenge.

Okay, I needed an image for this post and this was lying around on my hard drive.. do more detailed pen drawings than this and use more pen techniques (hatching, cross hatching, and so on..) Basically, do as I say..not as I do! 🙂

Come draw with me this week. 🙂

Happy Drawing,



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