Simple 3D Doctor Who Tardis: Supply List

The Easy to Make Little Tardis.


I’m on a Doctor Who kick! So what else would I do but make a 3D model of the tardis? ..Even if the model is simple and has a cheesy lens flare.;) Okay, so it looks more than a little cheesy.We are all used to much more sophisticated 3D models at this point, aren’t we? Well, cheesy or not, I’ve made this tutorial to demonstrate how a 3D model comes to be. In the first video we will make the base model, in the second we’ll make a UVW map of the model, and lastly, we’ll texture the model. This was a lot of fun to put together. I really hope you enjoy this one.


You’ll need the following to complete this tutorial with me:

3DS Max


Come back next Monday for step 1.

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