Weekly Art Challenge: Gesture Drawings

Since I had such a positive response from the last gesture drawing weekly challenge, it’s time to bring it back!

This week, do a small series of 6 gesture drawings. Make 3 of the drawings women and the other 3 men.

I’m linking the same resources as before. Have fun with this!


Gesture drawings are quick drawings that capture the basic form and movement of your subject. They’re usually done by looking at a life subject. Unless you have a friend or family member willing to do 12 different poses for you in an hour long span (preferred method), then it’s okay to look for 12 different poses online of people. Check out the links below for poses.

Reference Poses:

1. Character Designs (WARNING! This site has Nude models for artists. For mature artists ONLY!)

2. Photo References for Comic Artists (I linked to the free samples page. The rest you have to pay for the stock image. Great photos!)

3. Bing Search: Poses for Artists

Reference YouTube Video on Gesture Drawings

1. From Matthew39Arch Drawing Tutorials Online.. great video on gesture drawings.




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