Weekly Art Challenge: Just Doodle It!

Okay, the Weekly Art Challenge sounds like a cheesy campaign… and maybe it is. Maybe I’m campaigning to get you out there and to  just doodle!

This week, keep a special page in your sketch pad or have a piece of paper next to your work station and just doodle on it. Doodle your coffee mug at your work station, doodle the stacks of magazines in the waiting room, doodle your lunch, doodle your co-workers or friends in silly poses, doodle crazy stick men fighting with ice cream cones.. doodle… well, I think you get the idea. The big part of this challenge is to doodle on the same piece of paper for the duration of the week and push yourself to doodle at least once on the paper every day.


But wait, what’s a doodle you ask? Wikipedia says, doodle is an unfocused drawing made while a person’s attention is otherwise occupied. I think that sums it up.. OH YES, and doodles don’t have to be anything in particular. I find myself doodling circles and funky shapes a lot.

So there. Now you know. At the end of the week, come back here and I’ll share my doodle. Feel free to share yours with me as well! (or even share it with your family and friends)


Have fun,


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