Weekly Art Challenge: Fashion Art Sketch

Since I was very busy last week and waited until the last minute to finish my weekly challenge, I decided this week we’ll do something with a little less boundaries and a lot more creative.

Fashion Art by ClaraMCallister
Fashion Art by ClaraMCallister


This week, we’ll be doing a Fashion Illustration. We can complete the piece using any combination of the following materials:  pencil, eraser, charcoal, ink, and/or watercolor. You can draw a man or a woman wearing fashionble clothes doing whatever it is fashion models do. I’m going to draw a female model with a pencil and then I will use charcoal and ink to finish the piece.

Here are some websites to help with inspiration:

1. 30 Fashion Illustrators You Can’t Miss

2. Bing Image Search: Fashion Illustration

3. Bing Image Search: Fashion Models

Have fun this week! Share your progress!



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