Magic Glazing Apples Part 1 of 3

Ready to start this month’s tutorial? Watch the video below to learn how to complete this week’s step.

If you need a complete supply list or the still life photo, check out the earlier post by clicking here.

Don’t fret too much if this doesn’t turn out just the way you want. Enjoy learning the process and complete the painting this month with me. 🙂 Make sure to give yourself anywhere from 1-3 hours this week to complete this step. That’s all the time you need to do some art!

** sorry for the video quality. I had to lower it to fit the upload requirements. In the audio, it sounds as if I have a lisp! hehe. Just makes it more fun for you I suppose 😉 If you’d like to watch the higher quality version, click here to watch it on my YouTube channel. Have fun!


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