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Hey there!

The first question that has to be answered is WHERE did November go? Seriously, I have no idea. The last thing I remember is Halloween (my last vlog and video) then POOF! It’s December 2nd.

I was obviously alive during November because I was tweeting @artistrage during the month. Funny thing is.. it’s still a blur! Oh well. Lets take a look at what artwork I shared last month, shall we?


I’ve been enjoying drawing these surreal looking characters lately. This month I will be giving them a breath of life with color and a proper finish. Hopefully I can film myself drawing one of them and share with you. That WAS the plan… until I walked into my art room and realized there were holiday gifts, boxes, and TRASH in it. This of course means I’m currently undergoing some serious deep cleaning and organizing of “The Artist Rage” room. If you’d like me to share my process of organizing all of my art supplies and possibly some before and afters, let me know in the comments below :).

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Talk to you soon!



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