Halloween Corn Maze! Artist Rage Vlog

Hey there! I made a vlog to let you know I’m still around. Expect a vlog at least once a month 😉

Nothing terribly artsy about this particular vlog, but if you skip to the end, you can see the painting I’m working on. I’ll be livestreaming on Twitch.tv/artistrage again soon. If you want to know when I’ll stream, make sure to follow me on Facebook or Twitter. I don’t have set times right now, so it’s sporadic. Eventually, I’ll have a set schedule so you’ll know exactly when to tune in, but until then, keep an eye out on the Artist Rage social media sites to see when I’m about to go live!

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In This Vlog:
*Hype over the Guild Wars 2 new expansion Heart of Thorns
*Went to Zombie Paintball
*Going through a spooky corn maze..and trying to beat everyone else’s time
*I did a livestream painting on twitch.tv/artistrage
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Carefree by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


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