Summer Swimsuit Fashion Drawing with Copic Markers


Hey everyone!

Today’s speed drawing is a cute blonde girl in a swimsuit. My favorite part about summer so far has been shopping for a swimsuit. There are SO many fun trends going on right now. I can’t remember a time when there were so many trendy options for swimsuits. It was very difficult to decide what swimsuit I should draw on the character. I hope you like the one I decided to go with. 😉

Shout out to those of you who’ve been sharing your drawings with me! I get really inspired when I see what you’ve done. If you want to share your drawings and paintings with me, you can tweet me a picture @artistrage.

And despite what you might have been thinking… I’m still around and about! I know, I know. it’s been over a month since my last art video, but thank you for your patience and checking back with me. Work life balance is a crazy thing. Anyone here know how I’m feeling? Because I think nothing but, “I want to make art,” then I get home.. and.. all those other responsibilities somehow make it first. Hm, this is beginning to sound like a good vlog topic, don’t you think?

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Go ahead, watch this weeks video, let me know what you want to see me draw or paint next time!



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